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Marisa Catronio

Our Mission

To be an advocate for the prevention of "Wrong-Way" crashes on highways and interstates....To educate motorists of potential dangers ... 

To create greater driver awareness.

Kaitlyn Ferrante

In the very early morning of Sunday, November 17th, 2013, a terrible tragedy took the lives of two very beautiful young ladies.. Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante were best of friends, and in an instant, they were killed by a "Wrong Way" driver on a Florida Expressway. This tragedy should have never happened. Two young ladies with lives about to unfold are lost. Their parents, family and friends are devastated. Marisa's Way is a site that will be dedicated to making sure that their lost lives will lead to greater highway safety.  We will seek to have a bill introduced through the Florida Legislature that will focus on creating more entrance ramp awareness, along with physical devices to alert wrong way drivers. Let us help two wonderful families move forward, and let us make a positive impact on highway safety. Let's do it for all of our children, for now and future generations of drivers. Let's do it for Kaitlyn and Marisa. We actually we implore you to support our efforts.  Please give whatever you can to help with what has now become our Mission.

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