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  Please make  a donation today, to help save a life tomorrow.


We have made a great strides since the tragedy that caused Marisa's Way to be founded. Most notably the recent news that the FDOT will be installing 10 of the Blinker sign solar LED Wrong Way signs and detection devices on 5 different off ramps of the Sawgrass Expressway in the summer of 2014 along with 20 more signs and detection devices on 10 off ramps on the Florida Turnpike extension.


Now with 15 off ramps using the Tapco Blinker Wrong Way Signs in south Florida we are proud to say in the last 24 months we have turned around 23 out of 24 vehicles from entering our highways going the wrong way.


Your donation will go to work instantly to help save lives, by allowing us to continue with and expand our awareness programs, and provide them to communities throughout Florida and the rest of the country. . We will also be providing scholarships to local students. — These programs are not possible without your help and support.


 Marisa's Way is proud to support teen driving/auto safety in our community…

In supporting Marisa’s Way assembly programs and stopping wrong way driver’s under the influence of alcohol, substance, confused, medical condition or a tourist from another country. Also showing their support to M.A.A.D. and S.A.A.D. as well.


Together, we can make the world a safer place for our loved ones.

 Thank you!


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